All that stuff you heard about me, is probably true.

Here I am; dripping in the amniotic fluid of the blogosphere, screaming and bawling for milk as my new born blog develops and - with luck - eventually produces some interesting/amusing/relevant insight.

The name of the blog takes inspiration from Donald Glover who's stage name - Childish Gambino - found its geneisis on the oddly facinating Wu-Tang Name Generator. This website instantly assigns you a stage-ready Wu-Tang Clan alias after punching your name in, making a East Coast gangster rapper of the humblest of souls - even my own sweet grandmother Pat Heard becomes the 'Drunken Killah' (partly true hurhur).
Anyway, I digress. The point is Donald Glover in many ways embodies what I'd love for this blog to. Whether its paradoying Goodfellas in his role as Troy in the criminally unappreciated Community or performing aruably some of the smartest, honest hiphop of last year in his studio album Camp, Glover is masterful in his interaction with multi-media. This is what I want for my blog. Whether dealing with film, television, music or video games my target is to do it with the same dynamic, refreshing angle as what Glover brings to tv and music. So for the name I put MAN into the name generator. Man due to the fact that I'd imagine most of the content on here will have more appeal to men generelly. Having said this my girlfriend watches movies that would make me deficate without flinching and plays Dead Space 2 on hardcore so who am I to judge.

I am genuinely excited to see where this blogging business takes me - enjoy.

Amateur Prophet.

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