The Walking Dead: Battle of the Dixons.

It's happened again. AMC's 'The Walking Dead' has reached its mid-season finale and once more we devote-fans who form the show's cult-like following must wait 3 months till the next instalment. As far as I'm concerned whoever's decision it was to divide the season into 2 parts can be thrown to a herd of walkers. This horrifically long wait is ALMOST nullified by the jaw dropping scenes we were treated to in the mid-season finale. Glen showed Merle he's not the boney [wink] boy he last saw in Atlanta, Rick reasserted himself as the policeman turned marine-commando and Michonne turned the tables on the Governor in their game of cat and mouse. However, in my mind the most interesting plot-line involves the Dixon brothers who we love to love and love to hate. In a toe-wiggling turn of events, Daryl is captured by the Governor - we presume because he loitered around trying to convince Merle to join Rick's prison group. However, with the discovery that Merle didn't kill Michonne like he had promised the Governor, he is branded a traitor. What follows is a cliff hanger which left me yelling at the screen for another episode as Daryl seems to be pitted against Merle in one of the Governor’s organised bouts of mortal combat. The brothers are two of the most bad-ass, lethal characters in the series and so a fight would be some spectacle. Here's my take on their strengths and weaknesses if they were to go at each other:

         Merle Dixon                                                                                                            Daryl Dixon

+ Brawling skills (as seen in his beatdown of T-Dog)                                      + Weapons expert (#CrossbowCrackerjack)
+ Inspector gadget style killing hand                                   + Tracking (if Merle did a runner he'd be found)
+ Strength (we can assume that the thick-set Merle has the edge here)          + Fury (years of being bullied by his bro will fuel his rage)            + Dirty fighter                                                                    + Life on the edge has made Daryl tougher           + Killer (Merle's hit list of living people is longer)                                             + Daryl is the more agile of the Dixons                                 + Experience (Merle's has been involved in lots of arena-style fights in Woodbury)  

- Home-court advantage (doesn't have the  Woodburians cheering him on)             - Fatigued (only just finished the siege of Woodbury)
- Daryl knows his fighting style                                                                      - Merle knows his fighting style
- Lazy (Merle would do anything to make his life easier)                                                   - Daryl's bow has gone taken                                                                                                                                                               - Morals (would not deliver a fatal blow to his kin) 

When it comes down to it, I don't think the brothers will fight one another despite the obvious wishes if the Governor. Before planning an attack on Rick's group with the Governor Merle's only stipulation was his insistence that no one harmed Daryl. I think despite whatever animosity the two brothers have experienced towards each other in the past, when pushed they won't harm each other. This plot line has me particularly on edge as these two characters are some of my favourite. Merle represents possibly the most ruthless villain in the show while Daryl has become the most unlikely of heroes, his humility, home-grown charm and loyalty leading to him being a fan favourite.

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