Why the PS3 wins the 'console war'

The addition of an 'Instant Games' collection to the Playstation Plus is one which the Amateur Prophet has welcomed with the warmest of embraces, normally reserved exclusively for my girlfriend. For the humble sum of £7.99 for 90 days (normally priced at £11.99 but they offer discounts quite frequently) subscribers are treated to a range of new games every month, racking up an RRP far exceeding the initial fee.

The lovely people at Sony don't just fob you off with the game-tie-in to the latest Superhero blockbuster or games finding their origins in the mid-noughties. Not at all in fact. Since I took out a subscription I have been treated to some of the finest interactive entertainment offerings of recent memory. Batman: Arkham City, Bioshock 2, Crysis 2, Sleeping Dogs and Motorstorm: Apocalypse to name but a handful - all major releases averaging in the AAA review category. I find myself thanking the heavens that I chose to pay extra for a PS3 with the added 320gb hard drive capacity. I find myself feeling giddy with excitement when the announcement about the next games to be added is released.

As well as these bigger, widely-known games a selection of lesser known indie games is also offered on PS+. The best part about this is often these are games which I would not have considered buying otherwise but which turn out to be genuinely entertaining. The most interesting of these in my opinion was definitely Limbo - an odd, dark and ominous little platformer following the perilous journey of an unnamed little boy trying to find his sister after waking alone in the woods. The game is entirely in black and white and without any speech but there is an odd, eery beauty to the trap-ridden forest the star-crossed child finds himself in.

Anyway, to the guys at Playstation - thanks a bunch, you guys always give me something to look forward to. Cheers.

Still think the Xbox 360 has the edge over the PS3?! Let me know why in a comment!

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  1. This makes so much sense why would anyone get an Xbox!!!
    Major props to A.P. #Keep'EmComing


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