My 5 most Anticipated Games of 2013

My limited financial means mean I can very rarely purchase a game on its release and, more often than not, have to wait and end up getting it preowned. My habit of doing this has already been tested several times during 2013 with some releases I've wanted to get my claws into right away - most notably Ni No Kuni, Tomb Raider and God of War: Ascension. It's very annoying though because Ni No Kuni which I'm most interested in seems to be difficult to buy in the UK and where possible its at least £39.99. As well as the games which have already hit store shelves, there are plenty which I'm greatly looking forward to. Here are my most anticipated games of 2013:

[5] The Elder Scrolls Online
For far too long World of Warcraft has been the unquestioned champion of the MMORPG universe. For as long as I can remember World of Warcraft has held this #1 spot, charging its vast community of member £7.99 a month without even radically updating the game itself. Instead they have released a plethora of lesser expansions including [DEEP BREATH] World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, and World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. The Elder Scrolls Online gets me excited because it should hopefully usurp WOW and become the community's favourite MMO. I'm only now playing Skyrim (kindly bought for me by my girlfriend as a reward for finishing my coursework) and this has reaffirmed just how fantastic Bethesda are at producing amazing RPGs. If they can transfer these skills to the online universe this game will finally offer a more modern, fresher, graphically superior replacement of WOW and will - apparently - forgo the completely outdated monthly subscription fee system.
[4] The Last of Us

Its very difficult not to get excited for a release headed by Naughty Dog. They've been creating some of the finest examples of gaming from this gen with the epic adventures of Nathan Drake and friends. Regardless of this illustrious track-record, the premise of The Last of Us seems very compelling in its own right. Environments foretelling the end/downfall of society have a soft spot in my heart anyway and the stage demo from e3 showcased just how fluid and organic the stealth-survival nature of the game play seems to be: searching for supplies in a husk of a city while fending off bandits/thieves with your limited supply of weaponry. Of the games on my list, this is the only one I have already preordered thanks to a deal GAME were running, allowing to trade in a bunch of games I'd completed for a brand-spanking copy of The Last of Us.

[3] Grand Theft Auto 5

Very few games are as fervently anticipated as Rockstar's hype machine GTA 5, which had a countdown for the release of its first trailer... This speaks for itself. While it is irrefutably in-your-face, near-the-mark and never without a long list of controversies, I don't think anyone would have the balls to argue that the GTA series is not entertaining. It is one of the few series in video games to improve with every new release - never before has a game taken a backwards step. GTA 4 reached the pinnacle a few years ago and there is no reason to expect that GTA 5 should not once again raise the already lunar-high bar. Rockstar are just one of those studios which produce amazing game after amazing game. I really cannot wait to once again smash the speed limits of Rockstar's pain-stakingly crafted cities, make a tonne of money and beat up pimps with baseball bats - all in the name of entertainment.

 [2] The Walking Dead Season 2

Last years title The Walking Dead by Telltale was without doubt one of my favourite gaming experiences of the year and perhaps of all time; the emotional impact of this game is ridiculous. Once me and my girlfriend had finished our joint play through of the game she was literally in tears (you can read her full reaction to the concluding episode here) and - I've got to be honest - I was struggling not to blubber myself. For a game to have you this emotionally invested it can truly be deemed a piece of 'interactive art', alongside the very best offerings in film and music. The impact of the first game means I have little choice but to take an interest in the sequel where the game picks up following Clem's struggle to survive.

[1] Beyond: Two Souls

French developer Quantic Dream are a quiet bunch. Since the release of the ridiculously enthralling Heavy Rain nearly 3 years ago they have fallen off the radar. However, this is set to change later this year with the release of the mystifying Beyond: Two Souls. Clearly this developer is very picky about the projects they undertake and this just makes me even more anxious to immerse myself in this game. The movement towards games being like an interactive interpretation of cinema is one I am very greatly in favour of. This trend seemed to start with Heavy Rain and was recently employed by The Walking Dead. I feel like putting this massive emphasis on story and narrative with solid gameplay is what makes games truely memorable. With Hollywood actress Ellen Paige playing the lead thanks to a highly-sophisticated package of motion capture technology, this game is bound to deliver on the narrative front and the limited screenshots I've seen of the visuals seem amazing. This is going to be one of those games people remember for years - I am SO thankful I opted for a ps3 over an xbox. It has to be my #1 pick! 

 Agree or disagree with my picks? What have I missed out?! Let me know YOUR opinion in a comment!


  1. I have not read much about Being: Two Souls, so I can't make a judgement on that one.The rest however I would agree.The Last Of Us, would be my number one as Naughty Dog has not disappointed yet.There is a video on MMOs, I suggest you watch explaining how WoW has ruined the MMO. I'll send you the link if I can find it. Another game you could mention is Watch Dogs, as that is on my list for the PS4.

    1. Definitely check out Beyond dude, it looks like it will be awesome. I feel the same way about Naughty Dog, Uncharted 3 is probably my favorite game on ps3. I have watched a few trailers for Watch Dogs but I didn't think to include it because I doubt I will have a ps4 by the end of 2013.

  2. nice post mate!

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