Who SHOULD win the Iron Throne?

**NOTE Contains spoilers up to and including Season 3, Ep 3 and is written by a fan of the show**

Cersai Lannister  giving a piece of uncharacteristically honest advice to Ned Stark  says 
'when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die'. This council proves eerily incisive as but a few scenes later poor old Ned is beheaded. With the third season of the show getting into its stride and there still being several warring factions trying to seize the Iron Throne Cersai's words still echo in the back of my mind. Who should end up with their head on a pike and who (if anyone) should replace that little bastard Joffrey. Here's my take on things:

  House Lannister
Depending on how you interpret the awkward (slightly revolting) circumstances surrounding Joffrey's conception you can interpret that either the Lannisters or the Baratheons hold the Iron Throne. It seems all too clear to this blogger that even if you completely disregard his parentage, the way in which he is influenced by his mother and grandfather means that the Lannisters are in full control of the Iron Throne. And what a nasty bunch of people they truly are. Cersai is not only the most venomous bitch you're likely to come across in all of the Seven Kingdoms but she also has this self-gratifying perception of herself as a mastermind of subterfuge when the reality is she is easily outwitted by the real schemers of the world (think Tyrion/Little Finger/Varys). Her father Tywin is even worse, the Marlon Brando-figure to the Lannister's Sicilian crime family. The way he treated Arya last season actually made me warm to him but after that scene in Season 3 Episode 2 where he rebukes Tyrion's right to Casterly Rock so bitterly he shattered this image I would happily see him take a long walk on a short pier; perhaps in Riverrun which we saw for the first time in the most recent episode. To be fair to him, as much as I hate his guts, this season Joffrey hasn't been nearly as annoying as last time  it seems the introduction of Margaery (pictured at the top) has pacified his malicious nature, for now. If a Lannister has to be on the Iron Throne I — as well as every fan of the show I assume — would want to see Tyrion rule. He demonstrates many leadership qualities which are so painfully absent from his young nephew. He is extremely fair and open minded, quick to point out the faults and short comings of his allies and despite being knee high to a grasshopper his bravery cannot be doubted as we saw in his defence of King's Landing. Moreover, practically the vast coin his name brings with it would prove pivotal to paying off the Kingdom's seemingly infinite debt. As Tywin observed though, with Tyrion in charge there would always be the danger that he'd convert King's Landing into a huge whore house.

                                                                                       House Baratheon
The Baratheons arguably have the most legitimate claim to the Throne; if you're going by the traditional system of divine right at least... Stannis Baratheon is technically the next in line with the untimely death of poor old Robert. With his army decimated mostly lying at the darkest depths of Blackwater, he is in no shape to stake his claim realistically. The Red Priestess is doubtless his ace in the hole — the ace in her hole is her peculiar ability to produce shadow demons from her vagina... Forgetting about this peculiar weapon of his, I find Stannis completely impossible to root for. I've excreted turds with more charisma then the most senior Stag and he is generally very cold and dull. It's clear his deceased brothers Rob and Renley inherited all the personality. Moreover, as we've seen from this season he shows far more loyalty to the Priestess to his most devote followers as he remorselessly throws  Davos behind bars in the most recent episode. In terms of Baratheons I would much rather see Gendry somehow be informed about his roots and make a claim for the Throne. However, as we know all too well, Westeros is a land which is none too keen on bastards plus at the end of the last episode it was hinted that the Red Priestess would be organizing (yet another) attempt to eliminate  King Roberts bastards to fuel her blood magic.

House Stark
The Starks are an interesting house as clearly it is most natural for us to side with them to take the Iron Throne. Indeed as it stands in the show, Robb is in a very good position to take power, backed by his 'army of 20,000 Northmen riding south to see if Tywin Lannister shits gold'. Taking a step back from the slightly Holier-than-thou presentation of Robb on the show, would he really make such an amazing leader? His prowess on the battlefield cannot be called into question; however, the last King who had ruled Robert Baratheon had also been a legendary warrior turned out to be atrocious at dealing with matters of the state. I feel that John Snow or a slightly older Bran bare the most kingly qualities. However, John Snow seems like an unlikely King owing to his bastard status and general meek character and as it stands Bran is only interested in following his visions. However, if Bran did ever become interested in ascending the Iron Throne there is no reason why he shouldn't be a good monarch. He's almost the complete opposite of Joffrey warm hearted, humble and generous in his spirit. Forgeting all that sentimental stuff, his seer's vision which is rapidly developing would be a great tool for a King, able to foresee assasination attempts and generally know who of King's Landings snake-pit of a court is actually a trustworthy ally.    

                                                   House Targaryen 
All in all the correlation of would-be Kings to Kings who would actually do good for Westeros looks bad for  its inhabitants. However, no one said anything about would-be Queens and — in my opinion — of all those fighting for the Throne Daenerys Targaryen is the best candidate. She is the character in the show who has come the furthest (and I'm not talking about distance though this is probably still true); long gone is the girl who quivered before Drogo in the first series. Now she is the Khaleesi, mother of Dragons and commander of a horde of the daunting Unsullied. She seems to have the most drive to win the Throne and, with the army she has assembled, is in a very strong position to do so. Moreover there is little doubt that Daenerys would be far better as a monarch then her father the mad King Aerys. In spite of her willingness to go to war she also has a tender side — instead of living by the stringent hierarchical system Westeros is enfettered to, she assesses people on their own merits regardless of whether they are a slave, a bastard or a high born. This 'equality of men' principle she seems to believe in was greatly strained in last week's episode when she committed to buy the 8000 unsullied. However I interpret this as a slightly undesirable means to an end — 8000 mistreated slaves who will allow her to take the Iron Throne and potentially improve the lives of millions (safe to assume there are a few million in Westeros??). 

Here is a treat on me; who the Game of Throne's cast think SHOULD win the Iron Throne.

Have I been too harsh on anyone?! Think Samwell is a dark horse to take the throne?! Let me know your views in a comment!

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