Geordie Shore: Coming of Age at the Chimps Tea Party

Rather more dapper than their d├ębut back in 2011

The latest series of MTV's ever-controversial Geordie Shore kicked off earlier in the week and with it one thing struck me: is it really THAT controversial any more? It could just be that British reality television becomes so much more depraved year by year that GS now looks tame by comparison. Indeed the animals forming the cast of MTV's newer show The Valleys exhibit even fewer redeeming qualities than the motley crew hailing from Newcastle. MTV's plummeting to new depths of social depravity is not the only reason for the comparitbely tamer face of GS though. For the past couple of series the Geordies definitely seem to have matured, following the same trend laid down on the sister show Jersey Shore. This was voiced accurately by Holly (of all people) on Twitter recently:
Indeed, even Holly (the show's youngest girl) seems to have developed since her 'cock-capturers' phase. Of course, she still can't stifle the occasional mention of her love of penis but to me this comes across as her playing the role of the slag as established in the earlier seasons. She now seems to be playing a caricature of herself. Aside from Holly, a good portion of the other house mates have come of age through the influence of a serious relationship. Many of the house mates are showing that finally finding themselves in COMMITED relationships has forced them to become more dignified, bidding farewell to their ape-like behaviour of years gone by. Not wanting to piss off a partner they actually care about means they can't get away with their past antics. Jay set this trend by leaving the show after the Cancun series as he wanted to settle down with the woman in his life and since then James, Charlotte and Sophie have all remained with long term partners. She may have already pissed herself while being passed out on the sofa but Charlotte is a far-cry from her juvenile behaviour in past episodes, most notably overcoming her school-yard on/off fling with show's lady's man Gary. If Charlotte can simmer down, surely ANYONE can?!

As we saw in the preview of next week's episode, in a house full of loved-up Geordies, Gary and Scott quickly find their attitude to sex under criticism leading to Scott driving his big Neanderthal paws through the luxurious apartments highly superfluous grande piano. Watching the pair bring endless groups of 'nameless, faceless shags' (to quote Vicky) back to the crib is growing very dull very quickly. There's no doubt that the pair have a way to go before they undergo the coming-of-age the rest of the house seems to have experienced. Lets hope Scotty's rage doesn't lead to him killing off his house mates, as soon as they become morally acceptable human beings.

Are the Geordie Shore cast still animals?! Is it still good TV?! Will Charlottte revert back to her old ways?  Get the discussion started with a comment below!


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