Watch or Dodge - Quickfire 11/07/2013

So I've decided to begin to document the films I've been watching on here, with the hope that I can quickly give readers an idea of whether a film is worth watching or if it should be cast into the realm of the unwatchables,  alongside Justin Bieber's Never Say Never and that silly S Club 7 movie, rather than delving into any more complex analysis. It also means that if I ever want to go back to a film I can quickly check if its worth it. I'm giving myself 15 minutes to complete this, what I hope will be a series of posts. Better get started!

Room 237 (2012)
This is without doubt the most 'specialist' film I've seen in the past couple of weeks. A photographer might understand this film as being a multi-pack of lenses for a camera. The film offers a wacky, wild and at time very believable ways of interpreting Kubrick's 'The Shining', from it being a code from Kubrick to hyper-analytic viewers about his part in staging the moon landing to the film being an indictment of the slaughter of the native Americans. I wouldn't suggest watching this if you're not interested in the Kubrick.

Watch or Dodge? Watch.

Silent House (2011)
My girlfriend, who is an outspoken horror film fanatic, nagged me into watching this. Not only do I usually hate horror movies as they're normally poorly made and acted by a troupe of talentless American 30-somethings masquerading as teens but worse I'm easily frightened and don't appreciate the sensation at all. However, to my surprise this film is well made, subtly terrifying and throws you a curveball in the final act which no one saw coming. It's also artistically shot, using one continuous, uncut tracking shot to give an ultrarealistic take on the horror genre.

Watch or Dodge? Watch!

The Strangers (2008)
Given the surprising success of Silent House, I wanted to watch something similar. I was drawn to The Strangers as it also deals with the theme of home invasion. However, it is a far cry from Silent House. While their are definitely far worse horror films available, this film felt like it failed in all the places Silent House really excelled. It was predictable, had a few irritating plot holes and was shot in an unimaginative fashion.

Watch or Dodge? Dodge.

West of Memphis (2012)
I found out about this documentary by browsing the recent DVD releases on Rotten Tomatoes and seeing the overwhelming positive reviews. While it was no small commitment lasting around 3 hours, this film certainly deliveriverd. It tells the story of one of the most horrifying failures in the history of American justice using first hand interviews, original televised footage and analysis from psychologists. A truly astounding example of investigative journalism on film.

Watch or Dodge? Watch.

Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)
I'm a big James Franco fan and probably watched this one against my better judgement. Sam Raimi's take on Oz reminded me quite a lot of Tim Burton's reincarnation of Alice in Wonderland a couple of years ago. At times it felt like a bit of an excuse to show off special effects with absolutely no substance. Yes it did look good but at times it all felt a bit unneeded. The films tale of how the Wizard came to find himself where he is in the original film is pretty smart, I suppose. I did probably enjoy it a bit more than Burton's film.

Watch or Dodge? Watch.

Let me know what you think of any of these films and if you agree or disagree with my opinions!



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      Neither of those films are brilliant. Both similar in that they use an established director and lead to relatively humble effect.


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